Why The Street Ads Were Removed

banned-street-adsphoto via Bananaq8

I’m sure most of you have recently noticed how all street ads were removed with red stickers placed on the billboards stating that the ads violated municipality regulations. Well according to KUNA the reason behind this is that the billboards themselves were placed in unlicensed locations and that they tarnished the image of main roads and could cause traffic jams or accidents.

Still doesn’t make sense to me. These billboards have been there since ever. How did they get installed in the first place? And how did they last all these years while being unlicensed?




  1. I fully agree with you, but I recall reading on the paper that the reason was unpaid payments for Concord so Baladiya placed the stickers until the over due payments payments are settled…I’m confused


    • It’s still not clear with every source reporting a different story. Beats me really..


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