Review: Cafe Organica

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Organica fish and chips/pasta & pizza has recently moved from Salem Al-Mubarak Street to Jabriya, behind Royale Hayat hospital. I liked the Jabriya location much more, it’s more spacious and you can actually sit comfortably in the outdoor area. Oh and they used to be two separate restaurants, they are now one.

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Very sleek bread set. They also sell it and several other Bambu products.

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Believe it or not this was THE highlight of my visit. That mozzarella cheese salad is heavenly! The owner gets it straight from Italy. Already craving it while writing this. You really need to try it if you ever pay them a visit. Yum.

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Pizza Margerita was great.
Organica (14) copy

Pasta. Forgot the specific name of the dish. It was okay. Needed more flavor perhaps.

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Organica (18) copy

One of the details I loved was that every table is named after a different Italian city.

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The place from inside.

Organica (5) copy

Organica (6) copy

The “fish & chips” part of the restaurant. Which is also the Australian part. Opposite the Italian “Pasta and Pizza”.

Organica (7) copy

The decor is very rich and full of details. Has a cozy feel to it.

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Organica (15) copy

Organica (16) copy

Other products for sale: coffee. They also have sea salt.

You can get more info about Cafe Organica from their official website



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