Gallery: Al Ghanim Auto’s Vintage Cars Exhibition

IMG_6124 copy

Alghanim Automotive is holding a Vintage Car Exhibition at the basement floor of Al Hamra Luxury Center. It showcases a rare collection of classic, mid 20th century American cars ranging from classic 1950s Chevrolet and Cadillac sedans to 1960s Corvettes.

The exhibition started on the 3rd of March and will end on the 16th.

Here are some photos of the old time beauties..

IMG_6089 copy

IMG_6094 copy

IMG_6095 copy

IMG_6099 copy

IMG_6101 copy

IMG_6105 copy

IMG_6106 copy

IMG_6108 copy

IMG_6111 copy

IMG_6114 copy

IMG_6120 copy

IMG_6121 copy

IMG_6122 copy

IMG_6125 copy

IMG_6127 copy

IMG_6133 copy

IMG_6135 copy

IMG_6143 copy

IMG_6145 copy

IMG_6149 copy

IMG_6116 copy

IMG_6118 copy

IMG_6138 copy



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