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Alnowair (42)

Al Nowair is a new non-profit movement that aims to spread positivity around Kuwait. The concept was quite interesting to me when I read about it. But the event they had was what got me in love with the whole thing.

It was their first event and was full of fun surprises. Held in a rundown building in Salmiya, opposite Palm Palace restaurant, the space was divided into several stations, each dedicated to an activity that would raise your happiness bar. And they all worked! I did actually leave feeling uplifted.

So let’s take the tour inside Al-Nowair’s little happy place..

 Alnowair (35)

Just tell me yellow umbrellas wouldn’t put you in a happy mood full of sunshine and rainbows!

Alnowair (31)

Alnowair (2)

First station: The Yes/No illusion.

As you enter the room, you would see a NO, continue walking around it and it would turn into a YES.

Alnowair (1)
Alnowair (9)

Alnowair (3)

Alnowair (8)

Alnowair (39)

The balloons station. Write your wories on a balloon and let it fly out the window.

Alnowair (5)

Alnowair (6)

Alnowair (7)

Alnowair (10)

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Alnowair (4)

Picked my lemon from tube 5. I’m a happy person.

Alnowair (11)

Alnowair (12)

Something I haven’t seen in years. Hopscotch!

Was too shy to do this one. But really really wanted to! I regret it now. Next time I must jump without thinking.

Alnowair (13)

Alnowair (14)

Alnowair (15)

Alnowair (16)

The gratitude board. To remind you of those things in life that you are most thankful for.

Alnowair (17)

This was my favorite.

Alnowair (18)

Alnowair (19)

I wrote the orange stickies. I have much more that I’m thankful for. Those were the ones that occurred to me on-spot.

Alnowair (20)

Alnowair (23)

Next.. Mirror mirror on the wall..

Can you read what it says?

Alnowair (21)

Alnowair (22)
Alnowair (24)

The pencils station. Biting on a pencil makes you feel silly, feeling silly makes you happy. Plus you’re exercising the same muscles you use to smile.

Alnowair (25)

Alnowair (26)

Alnowair (27)

The crafty station. Creating something fun with the material and helping to “draw the smile”.

Alnowair (28)

Alnowair (29)

Flowers for grabs. You take one and give it to someone random. It’s all about spreading happiness.

Alnowair (30)
Alnowair (32)

What’s your symbol of happiness?

First thing I could think of was nature. Nothing makes me feel as fresh as being surrounded with beauty.

Alnowair (33)

Alnowair (34)

Alnowair (36)

“Like” stamps for marking our favorite activities.

Alnowair (37)

Alnowair (38)
Alnowair (40)

Alnowair (41)

Alnowair (47)

The giveaway was as delightful as the event. A notebook with cute “happiness tips” on each page.

Alnowair (43)

Alnowair (44)

Alnowair (45)

Alnowair (46)

And some pencils to bite on.

Exciting no?? This is the first of many events to come. You can read their story, follow them on social media platforms, and even volunteer with Al Nowair or their website




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