The Issue of Lost Cats

Stray cats 3

My family moved to a new building about 6 years ago and since then, we have found not less than about 15 domestic cats roaming our street or under our building. The building’s receptionist always has lost cats lying around downstairs, and I mean always.

I’ve contacted animal shelter a couple of times but they don’t always have the time or resources to take the cats in. And you kinda lose hope of making any difference with such a large number of cats showing up every other month.

I’m not talking about strays here, I’m concerned about domestic cats that either must have run away from their home, or were let out to the streets by their owners who didn’t want them anymore.

Here are solutions to each of these cases:

1. Run-away cats

If you’re a cat owner (or even a dog owner) you must get your pet a collar with a tag that has your contact number/address engraved. You can do that at Petzone. It’s an important, quick and cheap process.
And would bring your pet back home in most cases.

2- Unwanted cats

If you have a cat (or dog) that you can’t take care of anymore letting them out to the street is honestly the stupidest thing to do. Pets are used to living inside houses and can’t survive on the street. They don’t know how to look for food, they even wouldn’t eat anything they find, they don’t realize the danger of passing cars, and they can’t stand up for themselves against other street cats.

  • Try finding someone who would adopt your pet.
  • Contact animal shelters like K’s Path and Paws. See if they can take your pet in and find a new owner.
  • You can even drop your pet at the veterinary hospital in Al-Rai. They would know what to do.

You can also use these options if you ever find a lost cat and don’t know what to do with it.

Take care of your pets people!

Stray cats (1) Stray cats (2)

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  1. it breaks my heart to see lost cats, specially when their beaten, I saw one today in our garden and completely blind, poor thing


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