Review: Pepper Restaurant At Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel

IMG_0208 copy

I finally went and checked out the newly opened Jumeirah Messilah Beach hotel last night. And after having a walk around the place my friend and I decided to have dinner at Pepper steakhouse, one of the hotel’s 4 restaurants.

From what I’ve gathered, the restaurant’s theme is the forest. Columns wrapper with trees, an illuminated lake in the center, tree log tables, and a gorgeous flower chandelier, which was my absolute favorite part! I took dozens of photos of that chandelier alone.

IMG_0236 copy

IMG_0119 copy

IMG_0125 copy

IMG_0149 copy

IMG_0161 copy

IMG_0160 copy

IMG_0121 copy

IMG_0122 copy

IMG_0163 copy

IMG_0168 copy

IMG_0129 copy

Illuminated menus.

IMG_0315 copy

IMG_0147 copy

The drinks: Sky Blue (above) and pineapple Mojito (below).

IMG_0207 copy

IMG_0186 copyComplimentary appetizer: Halloumi tomatoes with pesto. This was YUM.

IMG_0264 copyCaesar Salad

IMG_0201 copyOnion soup

IMG_0210 copy

While we waited for the main course, I took a look upstairs. Second floor isn’t open yet though.

IMG_0209 copy

IMG_0222 copy

Just look how gorgeous the chandelier is upclose! The petals are covered with crystals.

IMG_0232 copy

IMG_0212 copy

IMG_0213 copy

IMG_0219 copy
IMG_0247 copy

The main course: Spring chicken (above), Pumpkin risotto (below).

Yes, we go into a steakhouse and order chicken and risotto. Not usually big fans of steak. But still couldn’t resist the magnificent interiors.

The food was good. Needed some kind of a signature taste though. The service was superb. Great hospitality and very friendly staff. It also didn’t take them long to serve the appetizers or the main course afterwards.

IMG_0256 copy

Pepper is located in Jumeirah Messilah beach, basement floor.


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