Review: Olive Garden @ Arabella

Olive Garden (9) copy

A friend and I tried out the newly opened Olive Garden in Arabella last week. They’re still in the soft opening phase and the place wasn’t crowded at all. Free valet parking for customers is available as well.

I really loved the original Italian music played inside. Gave the restaurant a homey feel.

Olive Garden -1

Olive Garden (7) copy

Olive Garden (1) copy

Starting off with the drinks. They have refills for cocktails, not just soft drinks.

Olive Garden (2) copy

Every main course comes with your choice of salad or soup. I picked the Garden salad. My friend picked Chicken soup.

Olive Garden (3) copy

Olive Garden (4) copy

Herb Grilled Chicken. Conveniently light. But the sauce needed more herb flavor.

Olive Garden (6) copy

Chicken Masala, with your choice of siding. This was very yummy.

Olive Garden (8) copy

Appreciated gesture from our waitress.

Olive Garden (10) copy

Olive Garden is located in Arabella, right next to the Palms on Al-Ta’awon street.



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