Dikakeen Restaurant at The M2

IMG_6516 copy

 The M2 is Salhiya Company’s latest project, it refers to the M2 floor in Al Salhiya Complex where 4 new local restaurants will be opening. Dikakeen is one of those four, offering Kuwaiti fusion food.

I found the dishes served to be original. There are some recipes that I haven’t heard of before. Some were okay, and others were HEAVENLY. I’ll point out my favorites as you scroll down the pictures.

As for the interior, nostalgic is the word. The place is filled with memory-enticing stuff. Vintage toys, sweets, foods, kitchenware, vintage everything!

Dikakeen, along with the three other restaurants (Doppio Italian, Ripley’s Burgers, The Pantry desserts) are opening tonight 23 May 2014 from 5-10 pm.

More on Instagram:

  • #The_M2
  • @Salhiacompany
  • @pltq8
  • @dikakeen
  • @doppiopfn
  • @ridleys_kw
  • @thepantrykw

IMG_6445 copy

IMG_6446 copy

IMG_6464 copy

IMG_6450 copyFavorite no.1 : Double Cheese Mishaltet

IMG_6462 copy

IMG_6469 copyThis one too! Mini Cheese rolls (left)

IMG_6471 copyAnd this:  Dikakeen (arabic coffee) shake

IMG_6475 copyAnd THIIIS! Shakshoukatna, just looking at it now is making me crave it already!

IMG_6479 copyThe mini falafel were also one of my favorites

IMG_6481 copyAnd finally the dolma. Love!

IMG_6536 copy

IMG_6453 copy

IMG_6507 copy

IMG_6510 copy

IMG_6513 copy

IMG_6561 copy



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