Re-cast Architectural Photography Exhibition

IMG_6405 copy

 Re-cast is an architectural photography exhibition organized by CAP and sponsored by Pace. The exhibition showcases the works of local architects who have all undergone a 5-day workshop under the guidance of Samer Yamani and Gunnar Knechtel, where buildings were documented, assessed, and manipulated to create an entirely new perspective of the architecture. Some of the works displayed were truly fascinating. I’ve always thought that nothing can capture the personality of a building like a good picture can, and this was exactly the case here.

Featuring works by : Abdulaziz Al Kandari, Dalia Aly, Sara Al Ajmi, Sara Al Anjari, Sabine El Khoury, Sally Khanafer, Thunayan Al Thunayan, Yousif Al Saleem.

The exhibition was held at the Contemporary Art Platform warehouse in Shuwaikh. Last day was yesterday.

IMG_6385 copy

IMG_6387 copy

IMG_6393 copy

IMG_6396 copy

IMG_6400 copy

IMG_6398 copy

IMG_6392 copy




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