Test-Drive: Chevrolet Impala LTZ 2014

Impala 1

Chevrolet Impala was recently put back on the Kuwait market after being discontinued for years. The Impala 2014 came back strong with a new design and a modern interior packing new technologies that are new to the standard Chevrolet sedan. It comes in LS, LT, and LTZ. Has a 3600CC engine, 6 cylinders, and produces 305 HP.

The car is luxurious, specially for a person who loves a lot of buttons inside their car  to play with, like myself, features include:

  • Remote start
  • keyless access
  • Rear sensor and camera
  • Sunroof
  • Automatic collision alert (when you get too close to the car in front of you)
  • Blind spot alert (integrated in the side view mirrors and lights up when a car is detected). This is very helpful, but I would rather still having the option to see the blind spot when directing the mirrors to a wide angle, this wasn’t possible due to the shape of the side view mirrors.
  • Lane departure warning (lights up when you change lanes without using the turn signal)
  • Full color touch screen with my link phone integration system and navigation
  • Bluetooth voice command
  • Steering control, something I found a bit impractical was the location of the volume and next/previous keys on the back of the steering wheel.  while cruise control buttons are on the front.
  • BOSE surround sound system
  • 3 USB slots so you can charge multiple devices at once, in addition to SD card and AUX
  • Body hugging leather seats, gray with white and cyan stitching. Great color combination. In addition to the ability to heat or ventilate both front seats.
  • Multiple storage areas throughout the car

As for the driving, the Impala 2014 is super light and easy to control. Acceleration is great for a V6 too.

Price starts at 8,555 KD for the basic LS. 9,050KD and 9650 KD for the LT (depending on the options), and reaches 10,900 KD for the full-option LTZ.

Enough talk, you can check out the photos now.

View the Impala 2014 brochure here

Al Ghanim Automotive on Istagram: @Alghanimauto

Impala 2

Impala 3

Impala 4

Impala 5

Impala 6

Impala 7

Impala 8

Impala 9

Impala 10

Impala 11

Impala 12

Impala 13



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