Who Am I?

A 22 year old lady-architect, based in Kuwait. I consider myself an energetic person with a great dislike to routine and an ever-lasting will to try out new things.

My blog talks about both local and international news , events, music, technology, design -in all of its forms-, fashion, food, you name it! Diversity is what makes life interesting.

That’s about it. Enjoy reading..And make your life routine-free.

The Name

When the ice-cream’s healthier substitute -frozen yoghurt- appeared, everyone in Kuwait immediately shifted to it. Fro-yo spread around the whole country and became a classic trend in no time!

That’s how we are becoming. In every aspect of our lives. Always making better life choices. And that’s what my blog’s name represents.

May Kuwait keep on blooming and prospering by the arms of its people.


DISCLAIMER: Photos which contain the Froyo Nation watermark are copyright material.



  1. hey Salamalakum, cool i always wanted to visit Kuwait! how is it?? i love froyo btw lol. nice to meet you!!!


    • Alaikum El Salam 🙂 Kuwait is beautiful. You should give us a visit and see for yourself. Nice to meet you as well.


  2. Amazing blog ! Your is content is great, better than most Kuwaiti blogs. Keep up the good work 🙂


  3. Love your blog, always coming up with the latest news & good posts. keep it up Froyo Lady


    • Thank you for the nice words 🙂 hmm why don’t you try an rss reader? that way you can follow any website/blog you want.


  4. Hi!! Kifik!?!? I like your blog!!! I am half lebanese and I visit Lebanon all the time. I have always wanted to visit Kuwait!! Inchallah!!!


    • Glad you like my blog. You should really consider visiting Kuwait. You would like it here 🙂


  5. I know frozen yogurt been around forever, but I first tried it a couple of weeks ago when my boyfriend bought it as the shop ran out of ice cream. I’m hooked ever since! I love that this is your blog’s name and I also love reason behind the name:) Look forward to read more fashionable stuff on here:) Jolita x


  6. I literally came across your blog by mistake, I was looking for the list of updated guns off the Mayadeen Shooting Complex and your page popped up as I was going through the links haha.

    That aside, I think it’s rather interesting how you’ve taken Kuwait into perspective, you’ve got a lovely take on the country. I’ve lived here all my life and travelled quite a bit, always ended up back here and I used to be pretty close-minded about the whole entertainment factor. Then again one makes the best out of what they get and where they are right? You’ve obviously captured that. You’re attitude is a definite plus as well, keep it up!

    I like your photography as well, it’s pretty straightforward from what I can gather. What model and make do you use? I’m curious haha.

    That Base Jump was so intense, I’ve done skydiving in the past but never did any base jumping and I’ve gotta admit, it definitely gives off one hell of an adrenaline rush. I might as well become a regular blog visitor, you seem pretty up-to-date huh?


    • I never realized my blog revealed so much about my character. Good call though! I do believe one should be as versatile with their activities as possible. And Kuwait has absolutely every activity you might want to try -maybe not skydiving though hehe. But I’m sure it will be available soon enough. The key is to do a lot of digging around because information isn’t very easy to find.
      Thank you so much for all your comments. Made my day. Always a pleasure gaining a new reader.

      I’m currently using a Canon 650D.

      And you should try Froyo when summer arrives!


      • Oh I’ve been ultra busy as of late, should’ve checked in ages ago, sorry!
        I majored in creative writing and you sort of have to read between the lines to get what you read sometimes (including the authors); know what I mean? Haha. So I don’t think I know you, just a bit on how you think. Then again I could just be a good guesser haha, wow that came off as a tad bit creepy. -_-

        Tell me about it, I’ve done so much around here but maybe it’s because I travel and I’ve seen some parts of the world on a much grander scale, that it’s leaving me yearning for more when I live here. Plus, when you really sit down and think about how Kuwait is, it’s a bit of a put down. An oil giant like this country has this incredibly vast pot of potential, sadly what we see is just around the rim. Then again one takes what they can, when they can hm?

        The underground scene around here is pretty wicked actually, I don’t know if you know much about it but it definitely gives you a different perspective if you’re looking for one haha.

        Sweet model, semi-pro DSLRs are pretty durable, the 650D is no exception there. Do you have a flickr account? If you don’t mind me asking.

        I’ll be sure to try Froyo out haha, seems like a pretty common past-time around here as of late.

        Hope you’re well! Laters!


        • Don’t know much about the under-ground scene but I hear it is wondrous hehe. And yes I do have a Flickr account /froyonation , or you can find a link at the top of my sidebar.

          Thanks for passing by again 🙂


  7. Awesome blog! I’m a 23-year old American living in Kuwait. It’s nice to see another blogger out there!


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