Re-cast Architectural Photography Exhibition

IMG_6405 copy

 Re-cast is an architectural photography exhibition organized by CAP and sponsored by Pace. The exhibition showcases the works of local architects who have all undergone a 5-day workshop under the guidance of Samer Yamani and Gunnar Knechtel, where buildings were documented, assessed, and manipulated to create an entirely new perspective of the architecture. Some of the works displayed were truly fascinating. I’ve always thought that nothing can capture the personality of a building like a good picture can, and this was exactly the case here.

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Tonight: Pecha Kucha #9

pecha kucha9


Pecha Kucha is an event where creatives gather and share their ideas. 9 speakers will present random presentations in the 20×20 format; 20 photos,each photo will show for 20 seconds.

  • When: Tonight, June 26,2013 at 7:00 pm
  • Where: Amricani Cultral Center – Gulf Road

Twitter and Instagram @Pechkucha_Q8

See you there!

Mini-Gallery: Arabella

Arabella (1) copy

The new restaurant-strip: Arabella, is finally open after some long wait.

The place is still in the finishing phase. Workers and construction left-overs are everywhere. And only one restaurant is open, which is Olive Garden (review coming soon!)

Arabella is located in Al-Ta’awon street, right next to the Palms.

Arabella (2) copy

Arabella (3) copy

Arabella (4) copy

Arabella (5) copy

Arabella (6) copy

Arabella (7) copy

Arabella (8) copy

Gallery: Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel And Spa

Jumeirah (60)

The other day Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa gathered up the bloggers for a tour at Kuwait’s newest -and most photogenic- attraction. It’s worthy noting that designers behind the hotel Skidmore, Owings & Merrill are the same architects who designed Al Hamra Tower. The design’s main concept was inspired by the old Arabic word “Messil” which referred to the ground hole in which rain water from small torrents gathered. You can see numerous bodies of water enriching the place. And that pool area is just a piece of art.

Enjoy the gallery!

Jumeirah (1)The invite.

Jumeirah (64)

The fountain at the main entrance.

Jumeirah (65)

Jumeirah (2)

The room we waited in while everybody arrived. And that room’s magnificent view overlooking the whole outdoor area (below).

Jumeirah (3)

Jumeirah (4)

Jumeirah (5)

The royal suite.

Jumeirah (6)

Jumeirah (7)

Jumeirah (8)

The Reef hall, my favorite room in all of the hotel, from above. 3-stories high.

Jumeirah (9)

The presidential suite

Jumeirah (10)

Jumeirah (11)

Jumeirah (12)

Going down to the Reef hall.

Jumeirah (15)

And tadaaa! Isn’t this beautiful? Walls, floors, and  ceiling all covered in mosaic. So lively.

Jumeirah (13)
Jumeirah (14)

Jumeirah (16)

Jumeirah (17)

some of the conference rooms

Jumeirah (18)

Jumeirah (19)

Jumeirah (20)

Jumeirah (21)

Jumeirah (26)

The main wedding hall. Biggest in Kuwait.

Jumeirah (22)

Jumeirah (23)

Jumeirah (24)

Jumeirah (25)

Jumeirah (27)

Jumeirah (28)The corridor leading to the bridal suite overlooks the wedding hall. So the bride wouldn’t miss any moments of her wedding before she enters the hall. She can watch her guests without being visible.

Jumeirah (29)

Jumeirah (30)

Jumeirah (33)

Loved that the bridal suite comes equipped with 2 salons.

Jumeirah (31) Jumeirah (32)

Jumeirah (34)


Back downstairs at the main lobby

Jumeirah (35)

Jumeirah (36)

Jumeirah (37)


Tea lounge. Should try this out soon.

Jumeirah (38)

Arabesque. The Arabic restaurant. Serves shisha too.

Jumeirah (39)

Jumeirah (40)

Jumeirah (41)

Jumeirah (43)

Jumeirah (42)


The Garden Cafe. Has a nice outdoor seating area.

Jumeirah (44)

Jumeirah (45)


Jumeirah (46)

Jumeirah (62)

Jumeirah (63)

Jumeirah (47)And the best part.. The pool area..

Jumeirah (48)

Jumeirah (49)

Jumeirah (50)

Jumeirah (51)

Jumeirah (52)

Jumeirah (53)

Jumeirah (54)

Jumeirah (55)

Jumeirah (56)

Jumeirah (57)

Jumeirah (58)Another cafe on the beach.

Jumeirah (59)

Jumeirah (61)


All the 12 villas were fully booked so we couldn’t have a look inside.

They’re on Instagram by the way. Follow them @JumeirahMessilahBeach


Review: Pepper Restaurant At Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel

IMG_0208 copy

I finally went and checked out the newly opened Jumeirah Messilah Beach hotel last night. And after having a walk around the place my friend and I decided to have dinner at Pepper steakhouse, one of the hotel’s 4 restaurants.

From what I’ve gathered, the restaurant’s theme is the forest. Columns wrapper with trees, an illuminated lake in the center, tree log tables, and a gorgeous flower chandelier, which was my absolute favorite part! I took dozens of photos of that chandelier alone.

IMG_0236 copy

IMG_0119 copy

IMG_0125 copy

IMG_0149 copy

IMG_0161 copy

IMG_0160 copy

IMG_0121 copy

IMG_0122 copy

IMG_0163 copy

IMG_0168 copy

IMG_0129 copy

Illuminated menus.

IMG_0315 copy

IMG_0147 copy

The drinks: Sky Blue (above) and pineapple Mojito (below).

IMG_0207 copy

IMG_0186 copyComplimentary appetizer: Halloumi tomatoes with pesto. This was YUM.

IMG_0264 copyCaesar Salad

IMG_0201 copyOnion soup

IMG_0210 copy

While we waited for the main course, I took a look upstairs. Second floor isn’t open yet though.

IMG_0209 copy

IMG_0222 copy

Just look how gorgeous the chandelier is upclose! The petals are covered with crystals.

IMG_0232 copy

IMG_0212 copy

IMG_0213 copy

IMG_0219 copy
IMG_0247 copy

The main course: Spring chicken (above), Pumpkin risotto (below).

Yes, we go into a steakhouse and order chicken and risotto. Not usually big fans of steak. But still couldn’t resist the magnificent interiors.

The food was good. Needed some kind of a signature taste though. The service was superb. Great hospitality and very friendly staff. It also didn’t take them long to serve the appetizers or the main course afterwards.

IMG_0256 copy

Pepper is located in Jumeirah Messilah beach, basement floor.

The Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel Opening Date

Salt-Jumeirah Hotel

I’ve been hearing about how extravagant the Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel is going to be once it opens and after seeing Confashion’s exclusive sneak peek gallery (Including the photo above) I think the new 5-star hotel will live right up to its early reputation. Soft opening date? 7 May 2013