Re-cast Architectural Photography Exhibition

IMG_6405 copy

 Re-cast is an architectural photography exhibition organized by CAP and sponsored by Pace. The exhibition showcases the works of local architects who have all undergone a 5-day workshop under the guidance of Samer Yamani and Gunnar Knechtel, where buildings were documented, assessed, and manipulated to create an entirely new perspective of the architecture. Some of the works displayed were truly fascinating. I’ve always thought that nothing can capture the personality of a building like a good picture can, and this was exactly the case here.

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New Music Cover By Abdulrahman Soufi: Bad Day


My brother’s latest cover – “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter. This time he tried shifting to a whole new genre with the Funk/Reggae, in addition to being his first shot at using decent video editing software. The vocals, guitar and bass are by Soufi. Drums are by Mohamad Shaheen.

You can watch his previous videos or subscribe to his channel if you’d like on

My Brother Covers “Black Magic Woman – Santana”

My brother’s latest cover: Black Magic Woman by Santana. It’s really worth hearing out, and I’m not just saying this because he’s my brother.

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Qout Market Tomorrow

Qout Instagram Poster January 2014 copy

The 3rd Qout market -and first of 2014- will be taking place tomorrow Saturday Jan. 4th at Al Raya Center’s Car Park rooftop from 10 am – 7pm.

The charity petting zoo is back and will be open all day, @FSRI will be hosting an entire lane of children’s activities for their nonprofit, and @AsnanTower will have a charity kitchen featuring local celebrities and chefs raising money for the hungry.
Lots of delicious things to experience, try, and buy. Look for the ATM machine by the Qout Market welcome desk along with a water station to keep you hydrated while you shop. Don’t forget to grab your locally made, hand-printed Qout Market tote bag. This month’s illustration is the eggplant!

Tonight: Pecha Kucha #9

pecha kucha9


Pecha Kucha is an event where creatives gather and share their ideas. 9 speakers will present random presentations in the 20×20 format; 20 photos,each photo will show for 20 seconds.

  • When: Tonight, June 26,2013 at 7:00 pm
  • Where: Amricani Cultral Center – Gulf Road

Twitter and Instagram @Pechkucha_Q8

See you there!

First Look: The P2BK Village!

P2BK (1) copy

P2BK 2013 is just around the corner and yesterday I got to have a first look at the huge, huge project. This year’s is nothing like the past years. The people behind the expo truly set some high standards to be followed. Whether with their creativity or execution.

This year a whole village was built from scratch over an area of 20,000 m2. The village houses booths for local small businesses, cafes and fast food restaurants, sand sculptures, and endless things to see.

P2BK will launch this Wednesday 6 Mar 2013 from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm at Mishref Fairgrounds, behind hall 4.

With no further ado, here are the photos.

P2BK (6) copy

P2BK (2) copy

Miniature Kuwait tower at the entrance.

P2BK (3) copy

The vintage style booths. This area reminds me so much of Mubarakiya.

P2BK (4) copy

Yup. That is in fact.. The one and only Darth Vader along with the stormtroopers, dancing Kuwaiti style, with their light sabers.

And that is one sentence I never thought I’d say.

P2BK (5) copy

P2BK (17) copy

Loved the ceilings on those booths.

P2BK (7) copy

P2BK (8) copy

P2BK (9) copy

P2BK (10) copy

P2BK (11) copy

P2BK (12) copy

P2BK (23) copy

P2BK (13) copy


Dhari Al-Wazzan, the owner of P2BK, gave the bloggers a tour around the project and explained everything we needed to know.

P2BK (16) copy

My favorite graffiti.

P2BK (18) copy

P2BK (24) copy

P2BK (22) copy

This area is where 10 fast food restaurants will be. Along with a stage to showcase local talents, surrounded by an artificial lake and a boom (old ship).

P2BK (19) copy

P2BK (20) copy

P2BK (21) copy

P2BK (14) copy

The sand village is the biggest in the middle east. 9 American artists sculpted Kuwait’s most popular landmarks in sand. Great great work.

P2BK (25) copy

P2BK (26) copy

P2BK (15) copy

P2BK (27) copy

P2BK (28) copy

P2BK (29) copy

P2BK (30) copy

P2BK (31) copy

P2BK (32) copy

P2BK (33) copy

P2BK (36) copy

P2BK (38) copy


This is the invite I got earlier. Loved it.

P2BK (39) copy

To stay updated about P2BK 2013 you can follow them on

Twitter and Instagram @P2BKKuwaiti