Easy On The Food..

Just thought this was too funny..

Over 100 hospitalized in Qatar after overeating

Over 100 people were admitted to the emergency department of a Doha hospital suffering from abdominal pains after the first night of Iftar during Ramadan..

“After Iftar on the first day of Ramadan, we saw large number of patients, which is usually the case during this period every year. Among them were 103 patients, who complained of abdominal pains, while some 62 patients complained of different forms of trauma,”Dr Warda Ali al-Sadd, chief consultant of the emergency department at the Hamad Medical Corporation told the Doha-based Gulf Times newspaper. Link

Well since this is the usual case every Ramadan in Qatar, then I’m sure we have something similar here. Can’t imagine the amount of food you would have to eat before needing to be hospitalized.