Kuwaiti Man Calls Police For Having A Nightmare

A Kuwaiti had the scare of his life in a nightmare and called the police for help.

The police received a call from a man who pleaded for help and shouted before he hanged up the telephone, a source told news site Al Aan.

The police traced the call and were able to locate the caller.

A police car and an ambulance were dispatched the address, but the police and paramedics were shocked when the man walked up to them to say that he had a terrible nightmare and thought that the only way for him to get out of it was to request help.

“I apologise for all this, but it was a terrible nightmare,” he reportedly said.

The news site said that the Kuwaiti man was about to get married and that he refused to give details about the nightmare.

Via Gulfnews

About to get married huh? I might just know what that nightmare was all about 😛