New Music Cover By Abdulrahman Soufi: Bad Day


My brother’s latest cover – “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter. This time he tried shifting to a whole new genre with the Funk/Reggae, in addition to being his first shot at using decent video editing software. The vocals, guitar and bass are by Soufi. Drums are by Mohamad Shaheen.

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Stars Wars Episode 7 is Filming in Abu Dhabi


Filming of the much anticipated sequel will start tomorrow 13 May 2014 at a secret location in the Abu Dhabi desert, the set location is currently being guarded by police and army officers.

The movie will be released in December 2015.

Hijab “Bu Tafkha” Makes It Onto The Wall Street Journal

Wall street journal - Camel hump Hijab

The “camel hump” hijab or the “bu tafkha” like we call it in Arabic has made it onto NY’s Wall Street Journal. The report makes it seem like a new craze in Dubai even though it has been there for years now. At least in Kuwait it has. But I think the Dubai version is way higher? These women have a whole new head on top of their heads!

Click on the photo or here to watch the full report.

Event: PLT “Too Cool For School” Edition

PLT Summer Edition Poster

It’s the last Pretty Little things show of the year so you better not miss it!

The Too Cool For School show will include the following brands (with their Instagram accounts):

  1. Saudi casual wear label LaSuna @lasunaclothing
  2. Bahraini brand of art scarves, Annada @annadaonline
  3. Saudi mixed media artist, @FidaArt
  4. Cairo-based, Harvey Nichols London stocked Dima Jewelry @dimarashid5
  5. Bahraini line of luxe botanical beauty products, Green Bar Inc @greenbarinc
  6. Saudi label that needs no introduction, coming with some beautiful summer kaftans Razan Al Azzouni @razanalazzouni
  7. London based accessories brand, Aamaya By Priyanka Lugani @aamayapriyanka


  1. Mashmoom Concept Store, @mashmoom
  2. The New UNcreatives, a soon-to-be-launched concept store with super cool one-off items from around the world @studionuns
  3. Rola’s Beauty Lounge, with live beauty demonstrations, @rolasbeautylounge
  4. Muneera Al Sharhan, the Rhode Island School of Design graduate, with an art installation/new collection, @mhsq8
  5. Au Nom De La Rose, who will be making fresh flower crowns, Jasmine necklaces, and selling candles/flowers, @aunomdelarose
  6. Villa Des Fleurs, the most innovative flower concept store – surprise installation, @vdfkw
  7. Al Sarraf Decor, the local shop known for their dazzling variety of wallpaper- they will be launching their new house ware selection, @alsarrafdecor
  8. Dana Al Hilal, a co-founder of Nuqat will be participating with her beautiful paintings, @danabananaz
  9. Bohemiah, a newly launched modern bohemian clothing line, @bohemiah
  10. Red Sofa, a mix of modern and vintage hand painted plates, coffee cups, incense burners, side tables and more, @redsofa_
  11. Moni & J, luxury handbags, @moniandj
  12. Je La La, a fine jewelry line created by Lulwa Al Terkait, established in 2009, @jelalajewelry
  13. Ooba, a Kuwaiti line specialized in hand made goods, cross stitching, and linens @ooba_

To stay updated with the event you can join the Facebook page or browse #MayPLT on Instagram

Photo: The Guy Who Was Too Handsome For Saudi Arabia

omar bokran al gala

This guy right here, Omar Borkan Al Gala, is a fashion photographer and actor who was one of three Emirati guys that were allegedly escorted out of a carnival in Riyadh-Saudi Arabia for being so handsome that the religious police feared they would make the women go bonkers.

Here are more photos.


Kuwait-Abu Dhabi Flight Pilot Passed Out Mid Flight

etihad airways

This piece of news had just been released even though it happened back in 17 Nov 2012..

Minutes before an Etihad Airways Kuwait-Abu Dhabi flight was due to land, the 44-year old Omani pilot was unable to speak properly and had difficulty breathing before becoming unconscious mid-flight. The co-pilot took over and declared an emergency, and was able to do a successful emergency landing without injuries/damages in the Abu Dhabi airport. The plane carried 70 passengers and 6 crew members.