New Music Cover By Abdulrahman Soufi: Bad Day


My brother’s latest cover – “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter. This time he tried shifting to a whole new genre with the Funk/Reggae, in addition to being his first shot at using decent video editing software. The vocals, guitar and bass are by Soufi. Drums are by Mohamad Shaheen.

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Stars Wars Episode 7 is Filming in Abu Dhabi


Filming of the much anticipated sequel will start tomorrow 13 May 2014 at a secret location in the Abu Dhabi desert, the set location is currently being guarded by police and army officers.

The movie will be released in December 2015.

The Great American Bagel Bakery

IMG_5761 copy

The Great American Bagel Bakery is opening in Kuwait very soon. They sent over 2 teaser boxes containing an assortment of bagels and 2 kinds of dipping. Tried the apple cinnamon one and it was yum! My brother, on the other hand, loved the bagels so much he continued to have a bite of each, so he could taste them all – never mind the quarter-bagel in the photo below.

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Nutella Celebrates 50 Years in Kuwait

IMG_5644 copyf

Nutella, celebrating its 50-year anniversary, sent over a cool box that contains a huge limited edition Nutella jar along with a USB disk with some mouth-watering Nutella recipes, and an apron to get me in the spirit while preparing these recipes.

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Test-Drive: Chevrolet Cruze 2014

Chevy Cruze 2014 (1)

AlGhanim Auto has recently provided me with their 2014 full-options Chevrolet Cruze LT for a weekend to test out. Now this was a fairly new experience for me not being very used to small cars, but it ended up blowing my expectations for having all the options you see in a larger sedan, only packed together in a smaller space.

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My Brother Covers “Black Magic Woman – Santana”

My brother’s latest cover: Black Magic Woman by Santana. It’s really worth hearing out, and I’m not just saying this because he’s my brother.

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