Dikakeen Restaurant at The M2

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 The M2 is Salhiya Company’s latest project, it refers to the M2 floor in Al Salhiya Complex where 4 new local restaurants will be opening. Dikakeen is one of those four, offering Kuwaiti fusion food.

I found the dishes served to be original. There are some recipes that I haven’t heard of before. Some were okay, and others were HEAVENLY. I’ll point out my favorites as you scroll down the pictures.

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Review: Pepper Restaurant At Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel

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I finally went and checked out the newly opened Jumeirah Messilah Beach hotel last night. And after having a walk around the place my friend and I decided to have dinner at Pepper steakhouse, one of the hotel’s 4 restaurants.

From what I’ve gathered, the restaurant’s theme is the forest. Columns wrapper with trees, an illuminated lake in the center, tree log tables, and a gorgeous flower chandelier, which was my absolute favorite part! I took dozens of photos of that chandelier alone.

IMG_0236 copy

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Illuminated menus.

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IMG_0147 copy

The drinks: Sky Blue (above) and pineapple Mojito (below).

IMG_0207 copy

IMG_0186 copyComplimentary appetizer: Halloumi tomatoes with pesto. This was YUM.

IMG_0264 copyCaesar Salad

IMG_0201 copyOnion soup

IMG_0210 copy

While we waited for the main course, I took a look upstairs. Second floor isn’t open yet though.

IMG_0209 copy

IMG_0222 copy

Just look how gorgeous the chandelier is upclose! The petals are covered with crystals.

IMG_0232 copy

IMG_0212 copy

IMG_0213 copy

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IMG_0247 copy

The main course: Spring chicken (above), Pumpkin risotto (below).

Yes, we go into a steakhouse and order chicken and risotto. Not usually big fans of steak. But still couldn’t resist the magnificent interiors.

The food was good. Needed some kind of a signature taste though. The service was superb. Great hospitality and very friendly staff. It also didn’t take them long to serve the appetizers or the main course afterwards.

IMG_0256 copy

Pepper is located in Jumeirah Messilah beach, basement floor.

It’s Triangle’s First Anniversary!

Triangle anniversary invite (3) copy

Triangle is my absolutely favorite restaurant in K-town. Perfect, perfect food. The weather might be getting too hot for outdoor hangouts but their indoor seating is just as cozy.

A year passed since the opening of Triangle’s Salhiya branch and they celebrated with the cutest, most adorable gift basket! The timing was just right, coming home to a bouquet of fresh flowers, freshly squeezed lemonade, and freshly baked cookies? The freshness here is contagious! Specially after a long tiring day! Really made my day. Thank you Triangle and many more years to come!

Triangle is on Facebooktwitter, and IG @Trianglekw

Triangle anniversary invite (1) copy

Triangle anniversary invite (2) copy

Triangle anniversary invite (4) copy

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Review: Cafe Organica

Organica (13) copy

Organica fish and chips/pasta & pizza has recently moved from Salem Al-Mubarak Street to Jabriya, behind Royale Hayat hospital. I liked the Jabriya location much more, it’s more spacious and you can actually sit comfortably in the outdoor area. Oh and they used to be two separate restaurants, they are now one.

Organica (20) copy

Organica (19) copy

Organica (1) copy

Organica (2) copy

Organica (3) copy

Organica (11) copy

Very sleek bread set. They also sell it and several other Bambu products.

Organica (10) copy

Believe it or not this was THE highlight of my visit. That mozzarella cheese salad is heavenly! The owner gets it straight from Italy. Already craving it while writing this. You really need to try it if you ever pay them a visit. Yum.

Organica (12) copy

Pizza Margerita was great.
Organica (14) copy

Pasta. Forgot the specific name of the dish. It was okay. Needed more flavor perhaps.

Organica (17) copy

Organica (18) copy

One of the details I loved was that every table is named after a different Italian city.

Organica (4) copy

The place from inside.

Organica (5) copy

Organica (6) copy

The “fish & chips” part of the restaurant. Which is also the Australian part. Opposite the Italian “Pasta and Pizza”.

Organica (7) copy

The decor is very rich and full of details. Has a cozy feel to it.

Organica (8) copy

Organica (9) copy

Organica (15) copy

Organica (16) copy

Other products for sale: coffee. They also have sea salt.

You can get more info about Cafe Organica from their official website www.cafeorganica.com.kw


Mini Review: La Terrazzo Cafe

La Terrazzo cafe (2) copy

La Terrazzo is a new outdoor terrace that opened about 2 weeks ago in Hotel Ibis, Salmiyah. I first noticed it while driving on gulf road and went for a quick lunch to try it out. It was freeeezing up there that day and I couldn’t stay for long, they had tents but I didn’t like it inside.

I Had the pesto pasta and it was delish. My sister had tomato sauce pasta and said it was average. The menu is the same of Olivo‘s, the indoor restaurant, and I like its mix’n’match style. You get to create your own meal from a list of ingredients. They serve salads, soups, sandwiches, appetizers, pasta, grills, a couple of vegetarian choices, and desserts.

Shisha is available too in case you’re into that.

The view is breath taking, which usually automatically gets a restaurant on my favorites list. But in this case the poor furniture/design prevents that from happening. I wish they would upgrade their tables and make the vast area a little cozier.

I would still go back though.. For the pesto pasta and the view.

Update: Okay forget what I just said, went back last night and the pesto pasta was below average.

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La Terrazzo cafe (4) copy

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Newly Opened: Kareem Restaurant

As received:

Kareem Restaurant now offers buffet during Ramadan. Eat all you want from our delicious array of food for iftar.You can check us on FB: kareemhawally and on istagram: kareem_resturant.

Our location is Hawally – Tunis St – In front of of Hawally Park – Before gas station. For delivery and more information you can call us 22615902/66660412/66660413.