Space Station Will Be Visible In Kuwait Sky Tonight

The International Space Station (pictured above) will be traveling over the skies of Kuwait tonight October 16 and will be visible for a period of 4 minutes starting at 06:00 pm sharp. It will appear to the southwest and disappear to the northeast. Resembling a moving star or an aeroplane.

The space station is the same size as a football field (see the image below in comparison to the size of an airplane), and flies 400km away from the earth’s surface. Traveling at a speed of 14km/h and completing a full trip around the earth every 90 minutes. It’s also habitable. I don’t know if there are any astronauts currently living at the space station but the thought of that is just exciting!

I hope I will be able to catch a glimpse of it. I will also try to take pictures though I don’t think they would be very good because I don’t have the right equipment. If you see it and take any good pictures please share them with me. I would love to post them here 🙂

Read more about the International Space Station here


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