Video: Huge Asteroid Passing By Earth On June 2012

Don’t you just love space stuff? I absolutely do!

Last Thursday night 14 June 2012, Asteroid 2012 LZ1 passed by earth and astronomers could record the phenomenon for us to see.

The video shows a simulation of the phenomenon first, then shows the actual footage of the asteroid passing by earth (at 00:51).

The asteroid is 500 meters wide, that’s the length of one and a half Eiffel towers. It came within 5.3 million kilometers from earth, that’s 14 times the distance between the earth and moon. Not very close, but still close enough to be classified as hazardous to earth.

Another video that is worth watching here



  1. I think these are aliens lol holy crap what will happen if aliens come down to earth.. i will be the 1st one who said Viva La Mars LMAO!!


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