Versace For H&M Contest: THE WINNERS!

The Results are finally here!

Note that the entries were all rated by the fabulous Confashions from Kuwait according to the following criteria:

Photogenic appeal – 10 points

Personal style – 10 points

Beauty and fashion Sense – 10 points

Creativity and originality – 10 points

Wearability – 10 points

Overall theme of the photoset/location – 10 points

AND THE RATINGS ARE (out of 60)..

Female participants:

“I’m wearing versace”     :  41 points

“Irene” :                                      55 points

“Hajar” :                                      42 points

“Simple & chic” :                     48 points

“Nouf”:                                         48 points

Male Participants:

“Yousif”:                                      56 points

(How brave was this fella? The only male-participant in the contest 😉 )

So the final winners are..




Congrats! 😀

BUT.. Wait a minute there.. Remember the surprise I told you about? No? So you’re not interested to know? Oh you are? Okay so here it is..

There are FOUR VIP PASSES! Not only two, so that means FOUR WINNERS!

So the participants in 3rd and 4th place are winners as well

Simple & chic



You will be receiving your own VIP passes to the exclusive Versace for H&M event as well. Congrats!

Hard luck for the other participants. I wish I can make you all winners 🙂

(Special thank you to Al-Jalawi blog for giving away the extra two VIP passes)


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