Failaka Trip Part-1: The Ferry

First adventure of the trip. The ferry ride. The Side Talk and I drove to Ras Al-Ard port and parked the car waiting for everyone in our group to arrive. Waited in the rest area for about 1 hour (Sure, the only time we’re on time, everybody else is late).

I will not talk about it a lot. Just check out the photos 🙂

Boarding time!..

And off into the sea..

The Side Talk’s leg. What we were bored 😛

Amazing clouds!

Finally Failaka.. After about a 1 hour trip.

On the way to the hotel..

To be Continued.. 😉

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Random Photos From Failaka Island


  1. I went to Failaka for the first time last year. It was great fun. We got a tour of all the archaeological digs. I learnt so much.


    • I was planning to go see the Roman ruins but unfortunately it wasn’t allowed unless I have an authorization.


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