Failaka Trip Part-5: Exploring Around

ِA quick look at the old souk. Outside there were 2 men doing some wood work. Carving mini boats and making vintage boxes..

I can’t believe I actually forgot to take a photo of the souvenir shops from outside. Only managed to find this shot of the area in front of the shops..

Different stuff were being sold inside the shops. Glass bottles and stuff made out of shells. The vintage boxes as well.

Pretty mini box ❤

Now enough with the old souk. Let’s move outside to the miniature golf course..

I didn’t really have time to play. Spent all my free time hanging out at the outdoor cafe (last picture). I’d rather do that than play golf really.

Here you can see a part of the museum (right), and a seating area..

A closer look..


Kids play area, there were several of those around the Heritage Village..

The old houses. This part of the heritage village was built so you can roam around the hallways and explore the houses. Each house had the name of a real family that lived there long time ago and what their occupation used to be.

A seating area between the houses. This is something I liked about the Heritage Village. There’s a wide variety of seating areas for you to choose from. And each of them is cute in a different way.

I mentioned the outdoor cafe in a previous post but I found this photo that shows the view we had sitting there. Looking at it now makes me want to go back 😦 You really can’t imagine how it’s like until you try it. The gulf in front of you, cool breeze, and total quietness. Only you, your buddies, and your cup of hot tea. And at night, you can add total darkness all around, and the view of Kuwait city glowing from afar<3


About the next Failaka post (part-6).. If you get easily scared/are overly-paranoid. I advise you not to read it. You’ve been warned! 😛

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