Kuwaiti Guy Vandalizes His Jeep To Protest Bad Service

Abdullah Al-Sayegh is a Jeep owner in Kuwait who have waited for 3 weeks for Al-Mulla & Behbehani Motors (Jeep dealership in Kuwait) to get his car’s spare parts.

Apparently during these 3 weeks the customer service which Abdullah had been receiving was so bad it made him furious enough to vandalize his own Jeep and park it in front of the car dealership in Al-Rai for everyone to see.

He spray painted his car and left notes inside the windshield saying “Jeep agency in kuwait. * No Spare Parts !! * Bad Service !! * Bad maintenance !! * No spare car !! * No follow up !! * they don’t respect their promises !!”

To hide the Jeep from other customers, Al-Mulla & Behbehani parked several cars around it and tucked it under a cover. And now Abdullah can’t take his car home.

He is supposed to talk to the dealership’s general manager this week.

As for the money you see in the photo, this is how Abdullah decided to pay the company, in quarters. Hilarious! 😛

By the way, this story went international.

More photos available on Abdullah Al-Sayegh’s Twitter account




  1. I hate Mulla & Behbehani’s service in fact I never took my Jeep back after they messed everything up after the 40 KM Major service.


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