Event: Red Bull King of The Rock


Kuwait is hosting the qualifier for the Red Bull King of the Rock, a one-on-one basketball tournament where sixty-four of Kuwait’s most talented basketball players will fight to advance to the final 16 which will take place on May 23 at the same place. The winner at the final will earn a “golden ticket” to compete in the Finals on Samasana, Taiwan.

  • Date: 15-16 May 2014
  • Venue: Marina Basketball Courts



Felix Baumgartner Landing In Kuwait?


Redbull, for the last couple of days, have been posting teasers on their Facebook page of what appears to be shots from Felix Baumgartner’s famous space jump which the whole world witnessed last year, along with the hashtag #GuessWhosLanding in Kuwait.

Could we be in for witnessing another jump by Felix right here in Kuwait? I wouldn’t expect another space jump, but a jump from the Kuwait towers – for example-  would be cool.

The Mini Planes Over Gulf Road

Mini plane - Kuwait Aviation team (3) copy

I saw several of these flying over Gulf road and the sea side last Friday. They were going back and forth looking awesome and I just had to know the details about them. Thanks to an Instagram follower I came to know these guys are the Kuwait Aviation Team and they manage group flights every now and then. I’m still not sure if they offer public rides though but I’m hoping they do.

You can get more details about them on www.kuwaitparamotor.com or follow them on Twitter/Instagram @kw_aviation 

Mini plane - Kuwait Aviation team (1) copy

Mini plane - Kuwait Aviation team (2) copy

Mini plane - Kuwait Aviation team (4) copy

Gallery + Video : Skyfall Al Hamra 414

Skyfall 414 (1)

Chris Mcdougall, world record holder and professional base jumper, jumped off Kuwait’s highest tower yesterday, sponsored by Zain and organized by Camco Events. And I was there to watch along with my camera. We arrived at 1 pm and waited for about an hour before Chris arrived at the roof of Al Hamra and got through his medical check up.

Skyfall 414 (2)

The streets surrounding the tower were packed. Every building’s roof had photographers set for this one-time chance for some great shots.

Skyfall 414 (3)

The friend’s area had a big screen broadcasting the jump.

Skyfall 414 (4)

Waiting and waiting in the heating sun.

And he jumps!

Skyfall 414 (5)

Skyfall 414 (6)

Skyfall 414 (7)

Skyfall 414 (8)

Skyfall 414 (9)

And because jumping once is for, you know, cowards.. Chris jumps another time! I’m so glad he did though. My location during the second jump got me a better view.

Skyfall 414 (10)

Skyfall 414 (11)

Skyfall 414 (12)

Skyfall 414 (13)

Skyfall 414 (14)

Skyfall 414 (15)

Skyfall 414 (16)

Aaand back to earth. After giving everyone a great thing to watch.

Skyfall 414 (17)

Skyfall 414 (18)

And the event ended with Chris posing for photos with the fans.

Make sure to watch the video at the top!

Event: Skyfall Al-Hamra 414!

skyfall al hamra 414

What you basically need to know: A guy is leaping off Al-Hamra tower! All 414 meters of it.

World champion and record holder base jumper Chris McDougall will be performing the jump on 8 March 2013 at 1 pm.

Hopefully I won’t miss it.

For more info follow Camco Global Events page on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @CamcoEvents